4 cd’s you HAVE to buy for this Christmas season

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I know it’s a bit early for this, but it’s because it’s a bit early that I’m going to blabber on about it. I went out yesterday to a few stores and each one had Christmas decorations within eye sight. It’s not even All Hallow’s Eve yet! Let the bitterness and whispers of curses begin.

No, this isn’t an anti-Christmas post. Christmas is ever so lovely actually. That’s how I felt when I came home and continued my shopping experience online. Maybe it was the wine sitting in the glass in my left hand (yes, I can type one-handed), or it was the rest of the bottle waiting in the fridge. It doesn’t matter really. What matters is that there are 4 Christmas items that peaked my interest, got me excited for this coming season, and made me do a little frolic from my computer to the fridge to get a refill. Not much can do that.

What could these 4 elusive and enchanting things be?? I’ll tell you. They can all be purchased at HMV for starters. Yes, my pets.

First off is Michael Buble‘s, highly anticipated by mom’s everywhere, Christmas cd. It was released this week and already resides on my shelf. I actually bought a copy rather than *cough* downloading it illegally. It takes a lot for me to do that nowadays. Me likey.

The second Glee Christmas cd is going to be released in mid-November. Cory Monteith can definitely get the balls jingling. Take that as you will.

November 1st is circled on millions of teen girls’ locker calendars as the day of Bieber. Justin Bieber is releasing his Christmas cd that day.

The last special musical number goes to Joey McIntyre. He announced on his twitter the other day that he too was releasing a Christmas collection. Who knew? Well, he did. But not me! I’m only assuming that some or all of the New Kids on the Block may be making guest appearances, and if we’re lucky, the Backstreet Boys too.

The only thing that could make this better would be if Santa brought them all to my house and left them under the tree. I’d feel slightly weird about the Biebs, but Monteith would definitely soften the blow.

he he blow.

Merry Christmas!


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